14 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About

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When you enter the shower, you submerse yourself into a setting that ought to be visually pleasing and also gives a transformative experience. Raise your bathtub with an option to shower drapes. You might be shocked at the readily available choices to update the feel and look of your shower and restroom. There are many alternatives to shower curtains.

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A plastic or PVC shower curtain may be the requirement for numerous houses, yet there is a host of ideas you can use as opposed to a standard shower curtain. Look at the observing alternatives for your shower and also alter the means you consider taking a bath. A lot of these provided shower curtain alternatives you can become a DIY job.

Whether you want to set up one thing beyond a regular shower curtain, or even you desire a much more environmentally-friendly or budget-friendly choice, our company have you covered. Maintain reviewing for more details.

Extravagant Yourself in the Shower Beyond the Curtain

Because the level of popularity of inside downpours, downpour curtains, and downpour drape liners have been a necessary item in the house. Downpour window curtains are not only for artistic objectives as they help reduce spills, bursts, maintain excess water off of the floor, and also give a degree of personal privacy.

Deciding on the correct downpour window curtain or a shower curtain alternative is beneficial for your property’s decoration. A downpour rises when you possess a premium downpour drape or even choice that delivers functional advantages, boosts the mood because of its shade or style, and also raises the overall appeal of a bathroom.

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You might have an interest in a shower curtain alternative to suit your sense of type, lessen get in touch with coming from unsafe elements because of shower drapes including unstable substances, or to steer clear of downpour drapes made coming from PVC. There are tons of environmentally pleasant and lasting shower curtain alternatives that are actually aesthetically boosting, easy to maintain, and also available in a stable of rates.

Think beyond package when it comes to interior design considering that you may be surprised at exactly how an option to a shower drape is going to boost your washroom’s atmosphere. Our team will even further examine more information concerning the benefits of each shower curtain alternative, thus keep reading.

Alternatives to the Traditional Shower Curtain

Do not agree to plastic downpour window curtains as your only alternative to maintain water away from your downpour. You might be shocked at how well a lot of shower curtain alternatives will brighten up your bathing experience as well as strengthen the look of your shower. Unlike a plastic shower curtain, which might be prone to tearing or even be impossible to include the clean, a lot of choices are machine washable, affordable, and also looks downright luxurious.

Glass Doors

Embrace installing shower doors created coming from toughened up glass for a much more sophisticated shower. Shower doors are easy to always keep clean as well as don’t need to have to become substituted, frequently like downpour curtains. Reviewed to downpour curtains, which may be pulled to hide unattractive and unkempt downpours, a downpour along with glass doors is going to need to have to become maintained more often.

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Downpour doors are a good contact considering that they are cosmetically satisfying and carry out certainly not conveniently buildup along with mildew and mold and mildew like curtains. Window curtains may be simple, however, they are capable of letting water retreat or drip on the floor so much more than doors. Vigilance needs to be absorbed in homes along with young children to ensure that the doors are not broken down or even damaged. Replacing downpour doors can be a lot extra costly than substituting a downpour drape, specifically for high-end custom-made doors.

Open Wet Room

Forget possessing a downpour window curtain or even putting up doors completely, as well as opt to have a sizable downpour and wet space. Take a hint coming from the Italians and various other attractive societies, as well as enjoy taking a shower without a troublesome downpour drape or even option that requires regular maintenance or even replacement. Indulge spa-like expertise and also border your shower as well as bathroom setting along with air-cleaning vegetations.

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Essentially, a shower that does without a window curtain, door, or even one more sort of cover benefits most from having a precipitations form of the showerhead. Pretend that you are actually showering under a falls and also feel cost-free without any kind of barricade to always keep water out. Be prepped to tidy up any sort of pools of water after each downpour if you pick this procedure.

Rolling Panel

Don’t you want you could make the curtain for your downpour disappear? Right now you can easily if you put in a modern and practical rolling board or even blind. You will certainly need to give our spinning board a long time to air dry after a shower to prevent mold or even mold from holding.

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When a roll-up shower careless behaves as well as dry, you can quickly wrap the cover to subject your shower or bathtub combo. It is important to inspect the measurements of the shower or shower before selecting a going door given that you could certainly not have the capacity to prune the cartridge or even drape.

Repurposed Metal

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Accept your internal bohemian as well as set up some repurposed metallic in the location of a shower curtain. Assume away from the box and gather up a treasured find from a garage sale, property purchase, thrift establishment, or vintage outlet.

Make use of an outdated elevator gateway that opens up as well as closes on hinges or look at taking fencing material as well as utilizing it for your downpour. You can easily put a coating of waterproof product or a shower drape lining behind the steel. Make sure to address the metal to avoid corrosion.

Sleek Cotton

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Cotton is an easily accessible and affordable material that may repel water from a shower if it is polished. You may pick to mount board of polished cotton with a custom-made style or a trend of your choosing. Shiny cotton can always keep water out due to just how it is interwoven, or even if the cotton goes through the process of calendering.


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Conform plastic downpour curtains and also try tossing a hemp board in your downpour in its place. Hemp has actually shown a worthwhile and also sturdy material for seafarers, is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and also is free from poisons. Although hemp boards can easily receive rather soaked after a downpour, they do completely dry quickly if your restroom possesses adequate airflow. Servicing of hemp boards is pretty effortless: throw the material right into the cleaning machine as required and press it along with iron if wanted.

Bed linen

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Offer your shower a smart and organic therapy with the installment of a linen door. Linen has been an appreciated cloth for grows older, and it supplies a significant quantity of personal privacy, breathability, and also lets light travel through. Identical to hemp, canvas, or even cotton, a panel made coming from this component can be included the cleaning equipment for servicing. Linen is light-weight, soaks up humidity, and dries promptly in between usages.


Beeswax shower curtains


To produce a piece of cloth waterproof making use of beeswax, rub the wax over the surface of the material and sometimes recoat the cloth whenever important. You may utilize any kind of sort of fabric including an old mattress piece.


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Transform the look and feel of your shower when you put in a board or even wall of lasting and ecologically-friendly bamboo. A board of bamboo is certainly not merely desirable creatively, yet it generates a chat concerning your internal design. Preferably, you would want to choose the bamboo that has been alleviated to stand up to deterioration, water damages, and fungal development. A panel brought in from bamboo fibers or board created coming from stems of bamboo tied together gives your shower an exotic feeling.


Entering as well as exiting your shower does certainly not need having to take care of a window curtain that you must push from side to side. Take into consideration providing a display screen an opportunity to supply you along with much-needed personal privacy in the downpour. Lots of display screens are designed to wrap as well as out of the way when not in use, and also they have a well-maintained, modern-day appearance.

Window Curtains

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Give home window therapies a second lifestyle and install all of them rather than shower drapes in your restroom. Depending on the type of the window drape, you may have to bring in some corrections. Curtains with tough grommets on top of loops operate properly when put on a downpour window curtain pole.

Hanging Plants

Participate in the environment-friendly reformation and also present more vegetations to your restroom for an improved mood, more oxygen, different colors, and lifestyle. Rather than putting up a window curtain or panel, select plants like ivy, air plants, or spider plants to create a residing wall for your downpour.

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You can make use of macrame wall mounts for a more down-to-earth vibe for your washroom, and also disconnect plants that go well in your shower room. Do not stress regarding seeing to it your plants get sufficient water as well as take pleasure in the variation your natural close friends make in your life as well as for your shower take in.

Old Window Partition

Provide an outdated window a brand new lease on lifestyle, as well as look at utilizing a vintage home window as a dividing for your downpour. There are plenty of possibilities to transform this into a DIY project, and also you are going to desire to alleviate the window door to avoid rot, mold and mildew, mold, and fungus.

Vintage Window Partition

A repurposed window or collection of windows putting up from a shower window curtain rod sends out a bohemian and eclectic vibe, let it tons of lighting, and delivers lots of visual rate of interest. Relying on whether you install frozen glass, tarnished glass, or even have crystal clear doors, the level of personal privacy provided might differ.

Macrame Curtain

Macrame Shower Curtain

Reaching back to well-liked fashionable ideas of recent have never been additionally preferred. Try your hand at braiding your macrame window curtain, or even install some macrame drapes produced from hemp or cotton in place of a shower curtain. Provide your shower an improvement of transmittable electricity, a sense of playfulness, and possess loads of area to put up vegetations as an enhancing emphasis.

Create Magic With Alternatives To Shower Curtains

You do not need to devote excessive amounts to get the downpour of your aspirations. You can easily select a shower curtain alternative that talks with your feeling of private design and also brings your room together.

Our company hopes that you enjoy yourself trying out different sorts of natural as well as human-made possibilities to enhance your downpour, maintain water out, as well as permit you to reside your finest lifestyle.

Unpleasant surprise yourself regarding just how you consider interior decorating, launch limits about certain materials, and also take pleasure in transforming your downpour.

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