Exactly How to Hang Curtains On French Doors With Ease

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French doors are an in-demand function for home residents. These statement doors are lovely, they’re likewise notoriously hard to style. If you’re looking to spruce up your French doors, curtains are an excellent option. Drapes incorporate an additional dash of type and privacy control.

how to hang curtains on french doors

There are a lot of concepts concerning the French door window curtains that one requires to look at when obtaining them to provide a room a whole incredible appearance and pleasant emotion. There are very many components as well as an assortment of types readily available on the market today as well as could be quite confusing for a customer to pick what it is they want. Below, are a handful of French door curtain suggestions that will enable a customer to choose a door curtain simply.

Today, our experts show you exactly how to put up window curtains on French doors for an appeal that is sure to amaze.

What are French Doors?

how to hang curtains on french doors

A little bit of background on French doors and their objective.

A French door is a solitary door or even a pair of doors created predominantly of strong glass or glass panes. These doors bring illumination in, so they’re energy-efficient as well as functional. And when installed as well as shielded appropriately, French doors additionally shield against heat and cold equally effectively as solid doors.

Should You Hang Curtains On French Doors?

Many individuals adore French doors for their wide-open appearance as well as an invitation to the outsides. French doors do not use a lot of personal privacy. Our team strongly suggests dangling drapes on French doors, therefore you possess the possibility of featuring the doors or securing the panes coming from public view.

Door drapes come in various lengths, thus, just before you set out to purchase one, you need to have to gauge the span as well as the size of your French door. This will in return enable you to acquire the appropriate size French window curtains for the doors.

Different Shades

The French door drapes come in different shades like white-colored silver, fuchsia, yellow, green, dark, violet, blue, brownish, beige, red, purple, gray, off-white as well as bronze. To conveniently pick the very best color purchase a shade that resembles a pattern that is located in your residence thinking about possibly the styles on the couch or even a piece of artwork for effortless blending.

Various Labels

The window curtains likewise come in various labels like the eclipse, better properties, and yards, the sun no, chronology, cloth plus, heritage lace, Softline window curtains; tabs- grommets -linings-long durations, Waverly window curtains fire and fire retardant curtains, republic residence manner, united drape, m design window curtains.

It is likewise essential to note the sort of French door window curtains you call for, for example, if you are going for the french door board curtains it’s own crucial you know that they put up one by one on each door. Consequently, you can open as well as shut the door without possessing to draw the curtains.

Fabric For Curtains

If you would like to decrease the quantity of sunlight in the course of the wintertime, the sheers are going to work out just great. The best fabric for curtains you pick is essential as it should be easy to well-maintained and keep. Maybe polyester, silk, bed linen combination, or cotton blends.

There are some points to consider when it relates to putting up drapes on French doors, however, generally it is a wonderful means to make certain privacy and also extra lightweight management.

How to Hang Curtains On French Doors: Tips and also Considerations

Pertain to these do’s and also don’t when choosing curtains for your French doors:

DO make use of full-length curtains over your French doors. For optimum insurance coverage, you intend to ensure your drapes include the floor.

DON’T stint window curtain width. Make sure your window curtains entirely deal with the doors when they’re finalized. The satisfaction you choose relies on the look you desire to obtain:

  • Regular drape satisfaction: pair of opportunities the window size
  • Deluxe curtain volume: 2 as well as a 50 percent opportunities the home window size
  • Optimum curtain satisfaction: 3 opportunities the home window distance

Never put up drapes that are specified as wide as your home window (like a 45-inch home window along with a 45-inch window curtain). Home window protection is going to be inadequate, and pulling the window curtains shut creates a serious, half-done appeal.

DO look at picking grommet or even tab best curtains for the hassle-free procedure because you’ll likely be opening and shutting the curtains commonly.

DON’T make your drape pole too brief. Be sure your curtain rods are long enough to keep window curtains out of the way of your doors.

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Take note of how many French doors you possess and also just how near they are per various other, so you can calculate the drape rod span and drape panel width you need.

These sorts of French doors are the best common

A single or dual standalone French door

french door curtain rodscurtain over french door


Make sure to mount curtain poles and also curtains that entirely cover each door (see width guidelines above).

A collection of dual French doors close together

how to hang curtains on french doors

For several French doors close together, put up a curtain rod that expands the full size of all doors.

Window curtains will certainly be drawn sideways and also has to be large adequate to deal with all windows when closed.

You’ll also need to have an additional extra long curtain rod. When utilizing long window curtain rods, ensure to add facility drape pole assistance brackets for additional encouragement.

2 or additional French doors separated by a wall

door curtain rod

Handle each French door as a different home window. Mount window curtain poles as well as window curtains that cover each door individually as well as work independently.

4 French Door Curtain Ideas

Needed to have some design ideas on just how to dangle window curtains on your French doors? Listed below’s some creativity utilizing a selection of approaches.

French doors along with window curtain tiebacks

how to hang curtains on french doors

Use holdbacks or even tie backs to always keep window curtains perfectly (as well as smartly) in position while displaying the advantage of your French doors.

French doors along with tones and also curtains

how to hang curtains on french doors

Mix shades and also curtains for a daring, beautiful statement. You may make use of hues to obstruct illumination while always keeping the drapes available for an ornamental touch.

French doors along with drapes and also sheers

how to hang curtains on french doors

Incorporate a classy touch to a bedroom or living area through layering window curtains and sheers. Shut sheers deliver some personal privacy while still permitting light to come through.

French doors along with sheers in between

curtains over french doors


For collections of dual French doors, this appeal is a victor! Produce an illumination and also peppy appearance through including singular sheers in between each door.

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