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A high-quality pair of drapes are a lot more than a basic means to block out the light. The excellent design can include that final ending up a touch as well as truly bring a room together. There are various materials to select from, and also best fabric for curtains you opt for can truly modify the feel of an area.

You might want to produce dramatization and also luxury with some velvet drapes, or include a windy country feel with linen. You’ll also require to consider the practicalities; perhaps you need a much heavier textile to shut out drafts, or a sheer product to let in a light yet still use some personal privacy.

Some drape providers have upwards of 300 various modern curtains fabrics to pick from, so it’s reasonable that the selection can be frustrating!

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What to Look For in Your Curtains

When you’re choosing curtains, you require to think of the weight, appearance, and also light filtering system homes of the material, in addition to how long-lasting it is and just how easy it is to clean.

2 points will have a considerable influence on those properties– they are string matter as well as a weave.

  • Fabrics with a reduced string matter tend to be much less durable and more likely to weaken when exposed to the sun.
  • Fabrics with a higher thread matter are more long-lasting but might require dry-cleaning.

Silks are elegant looking, however, they are quite most likely to fade as well as decay in straight sunshine. Fabrics with a thick weave will certainly shut out a lot of sunshine. One of the most common weaves seen in curtains is plain, twill, damask as well as satin. Ordinary, as well as twill weaves, are often made use of for fabrics that have patterns published on them. The damask weave is typically utilized in solitary color materials to offer appearance.

If you’re in the market for some new drapes but unsure where to begin, keep reading for our convenient guide to best fabric for curtains and also the sort of room that would certainly suit them best.

Bed linen


This natural textile provides a natural, breezy appearance, however, it is still smart adequate to look customized. Organic linen materials tend to be marketed in their natural colors for a neutral appearance that won’t head out of style, yet certainly, you might color the material a brighter color if desired.

  • Woven from the fibers of the flax plant, linen’s natural material makes it soft and smooth to the touch as well as, as an included benefit, it’s moth resistant.
  • This material is stronger than it looks, but likewise breathable and great making it a prominent selection in living areas and bedrooms.

The only drawback to bed linen is that it’s generally dry tidy just, and also as most people know, it creases extremely easily. Bed linen drapes must be hung asap to prevent wrinkling, however, you can easily provide a fast iron if they end up being unfit.



One of the heaviest curtain materials, velour is experienced at staying out drafts as well as giving some additional insulation. Their density additionally assists to shut out excess audio as well as light, as well as the crucial material ensures they will curtain well, for a formal, polished look.

Velour drapes include an air of high-end, as well as opulence to any area, as well as, are most prominent in living spaces, dining spaces, or the bedroom.

Velour is the best fit in a commonly styled residence or an area with high ceilings as they do make a bold statement. Rich colors like crimson, navy or dark environment-friendly will certainly include a cozy yet elegant feel to any type of room, yet also light colors can include warmth due to the soft nature of the fabric.

Realize that velvet can collect dust as well as various other tiny bits quicker than various other fabrics, nonetheless, this can easily be treated with routine vacuuming to maintain the space dirt free. You’ll likewise need to understand just how to remove stains without harming the structure of the fabric, but this is conveniently made with a cloth taken in really moderate cleaning agent service.



Cotton curtains are very flexible and provide a crisp, classy feel for both modern-day as well as conventional design houses. Although no place near as hefty as velour, cotton additionally drapes well so the drapes will certainly await neat, sharp pleats. Many people like the truth that cotton is a natural textile, making it biodegradable, in addition to long-lasting and also lightweight.

As discussed, cotton is extremely functional and offered in different degrees of thickness depending upon your demands.

  • If you intend to shut out light or avoid the color from fading as fast in the sun, pick cotton curtains with a tighter weave or add a lining to safeguard the material.
  • If you want to let even more light in, choose large cotton which will cast a warming all-natural glow; perfect for an area like a youngster’s bedroom.

Cotton curtains are fairly affordable and very easy to take care of, yet the colors are prone to fading, particularly if you select a bright color or hang the curtains in an area that gets a great deal of natural light. They can additionally be prone to mildew, so it’s best to prevent cotton drapes in a space that has a great deal of dampness, like the bathroom or kitchen area.


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Silk is the best all-natural fiber in the world, and silk drapes are surprisingly sturdy and durable despite their fragile appearance. Perfect for adding a dreamy, romantic result, silk curtains include a special touch to a room or dining-room. Silk is crease immune so your drapes will hang beautifully, as well as the fiber is flexible enough for them to not lose their form.

A disadvantage to silk is that it does call for a little bit much more TLC; this textile is dry clean just as well as really at risk to fading, so select a light color or include panel lining if you want to secure your drapes. Faux silk is additionally available if you call for a slightly more affordable textile – the appearance is similar as well as they can be washed in a cleaning device at home.



Probably a lot more extravagant than velvet, brocade is an abundant fabric that is woven with a raised design. The impact looks embroidered, but the pattern is in reality woven in as it is made on the loom.

Brocade is frequently made from silk with an additional lining, and also will include a grand, official touch to any kind of area.

There’s a wide range of patterns and also colors to select from, from highly described to more subtle, and also floor to ceiling brocade curtains can elevate areas of all sizes into a grand, expensive-looking room.

As they are made from silk, brocade will certainly require some additional treatment as specified over, but this style of drape is a fast as well as a simple method to add a touch of splendor to any type of room.



The sheerest material on this listing, lace curtains adds a delicate romantic touch. As you may expect, they won’t block out much light, however, can include some personal privacy to a conservatory or French doors, while still allowing all-natural light in. Lace curtains are usually white, ivory, or an additional neutral shade, so are simple to collaborate with the existing palette of your space.

The textile is instead delicate nevertheless and needs to be dry cleaned up in many cases.


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Polyester is a fantastic choice for those on a budget plan – affordable, durable, mold-resistant, and less susceptible to fading in sunlight compared to some all-natural textiles. They’re extremely simple to take care of, making polyester a terrific choice for drapes in a new residence or if you’re acquiring curtains for the first time. This fabric won’t crease or stretch, but it is combustible and susceptible to soaking up smells so it’s not the very best selection for use in a kitchen area.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains

As the name suggests, blackout drapes are made from an opaque textile backed by an added layer of foam, making them extremely reliable at blocking out sunshine. They’re practically solely made use of in bedrooms, and also can be particularly useful if you have young children or a shift pattern which calls for sleeping throughout the day.

Installing power outage drapes will certainly take some ahead preparation nevertheless; their density and weight usually call for replacing your existing curtain rod with a sturdier one, as well as color and pattern selections can be limited.

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