How to Hang Curtains Over Blinds. Useful Tips

Curtains Over Blinds Useful

Can you place curtains over blinds? Absolutely!

Incorporating blinds as well as drapes incorporates extra deepness and also beauty to your windows. Setting up curtains over blinds is a wonderful means to satisfy your needs without sacrificing style.

Whether you go for window curtains, blinds, or even both, it is critical to select components as well as designs that operate properly altogether. You want to produce a natural look that doesn’t overpower your windows or even your room.

curtains with blinds

How to Hang Curtains Over Blinds

Blinds alone can appear half-done, as well as cool, as well as drapes by themselves, can let in a lot of illumination or otherwise provide the degree of personal privacy you require. That’s why incorporating drapes and also blinds may help you achieve the look as well as functionality you wish.

A few dos and also carry out don’ts to begin.

  • DO think regarding color: Wood-toned blinds along with colored curtains can help make a room experience comfy. White-colored curtains over white blinds can easily cheer up an area and brighten.
  • DO check out textured procedures: Smooth fabrics and woods might not always be superior. Distinctive therapies like woven lumber shades or velour drapes can include intensity as well as flair to your area.
  • DO add curtain tiebacks for design as well as a feature: Tiebacks and holdbacks are the ideal add-ons to your drapes. They incorporate personality to your windows, highlight your blinds, and effectively display the perspective outside.

curtains that can hang in front of vertical blinds

  • DON’T install blinds outside the home window framework: If you level curtains over blinds, enhancing your home window’s realty is imperative. Putting in blinds outside your window framework reveals awful mounting hardware and looks unfinished as well as sloppy. If you want to create your windows look larger, utilize a within a mount for your blinds and longer drape rods to accommodate broader home window treatments.
  • DON’T go overboard along with patterns: Choose one print and also one strong for the best effect. Remember that if you lift your blinds during the day, they’ll run out the view. So if you would like to display a stunning pattern, make certain it’s on the curtains– not the blinds.
  • DON’T follow one scheme for your property: It’s much better to certainly not decide on the very same blinds or drapes for your entire property. If you have similar blinds throughout your home that you can not change, choose brand new window curtains to offer each space a one-of-a-kind individuality.

Carry Out – Go High and also Wide

One of the most significant advantages of incorporating blinds and window curtains is just how they may transform the understanding of the size of your home windows. Wrap the window curtain rod at the very same level as the blinds but stretch it 30 − 60cm beyond the window.

Do Not – Be Afraid to Accessorise

The combination of drapes and blinds add a stronger design claim in an area and also the devices you decide on need to go along with this. For tiebacks, an easy fabric tieback can easily develop a draped impact or even put up a wall-mounted metal or part that can easily be simply hidden behind the window curtains.

Perform – Make the Room Feel Cosy

Being such a powerful area function, it is significant you look at the effect you desire your combined drapes and blinds to have. You want it to think, cozy hot as well as inviting thus maintain this in mind through the decorating procedure.

Fullness is significant in changing the appeal as well as the feel of the area and also this is made when blinds are split under window curtains. For a genuine cozy, split result roman blinds deliver a suitable option.

Layout Ideas for Curtains Over Blinds

Prepared to set up curtains over blinds in your home? Right here are a few of our favorite appeals.

Straight Blinds

curtains over horizontal blinds


Setting up drapes over horizontal or even Venetian blinds is an attractive appearance. You can open all of them totally, close them, or even tilt them at the various look for the ideal amount of personal privacy or illumination.

Horizontal blinds are available in numerous products, featuring plastic, lightweight aluminum, wood as well as synthetic wood.

Classical Shades

hanging curtains over vertical blinds

Classical colors are a tailored-looking substitute to standard blinds. Roman colors are actually generally obfuscated and can only prepare or even down, delivering less light-toned management possibilities.

Cellular Shades

how to hang curtains over blinds

When you need to have extra privacy, lightweight control, and also protection, mobile colors are perfect. The honeycomb construction lets lighting is however still offer an obfuscated treatment.

Upright Blinds

how to hang curtains over vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding doors and also large home windows because they open ideal as well as left as opposed to back and forth.

Upright blinds are on call in a variety of sizes and types. When the windows are available, you can loosely bind all of them at the bottom to protect against the slats from moving.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Curler hues have come a very long way from their white-colored plastic ancestors. They’re budget-friendly as well as offered in several products, thus you don’t need to compromise design to stay within your ways.

Roller tones are your greatest wager if you desire maximum light in the course of the time and comprehensive personal privacy at night.

Mixing blinds and window curtains incorporate added depth as well as style to your home windows.

DON’T position blinds outside the window structure: If you layer curtains over blinds, improving your window’s real property is necessary.

If you yearn for to create your home windows look larger, use an inside place for your blinds and also longer curtain rods to fit larger window coverings.

hang curtains over blinds

One of the biggest conveniences of combining drapes and also blinds is exactly how they can easily alter the perception of the size of your windows. Wrap the drape pole at the very same level as the blinds but stretch it 30 – 60cm past the home window.

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