How to Measure for Curtain Rods. Useful Tips.

curtain rods lengths Useful

What measurements curtain pole do you require? Determining for drapes rods isn’t rocket science, but if you’re doing it for the very first time, points can easily receive made complex swiftly. So how to measure for curtain rods and not to be mistaken?

how to measure for curtain rods

To figure out how much time a drape pole need to be actually, you’ll need to have to take into consideration numerous aspects, including home window size as well as your style desires.

If this looks like a tough procedure, do not fret! Our experts are here to help. Through observing our detailed curtain rod lengths resource, you’ll gain the experience to establish what drape pole measurements you need to have.

Curtain Rod Lengths

curtain rod sizes

Curtain poles are offered in a variety of lengths. The absolute most regular sizes you’ll find available are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 ins, or even 120-170 ins.

These stock alternatives accommodate very most usual home window dimensions, yet it’s greatest to buy flexible rods that can fit a broader variety of home window measurements.

How to Measure for Curtain Rods

Right now we’ll malfunction detailed just how to gauge for window curtain pole size so you may buy the right rods as well as hang your drapes along with confidence.

Measure 1: Measure Your Window

You possess two alternatives when it involves determining your windows. Depending on how much you desire your rods to connect with, you can evaluate your window coming from canvassing to casing or structure to frame.

Despite what strategy you opt for, make certain to keep steady therefore your drapes do not look unequal throughout your area.

Our experts encourage utilizing a steel measuring tape for additional accuracy. When evaluating, document to the closest 1/16th of an inch to be as precise as possible. Verify your dimensions before you carry on!

Pro-tip: If you gauge various windows, label the measurements so you don’t get all of them jumbled.

Step 2: Decide on Curtain Rod Length

Drape rod size is totally around you. Having said that, our team recommend adhering to one of these pair of methods to identify ideal drape pole length:

  • Incorporate twenty% to your recently taped measurements
  • Include 6 ins to both sides of the home window frame or even case

By adding twenty% or even six inches on either edge, you ensure that when your drapes level (likewise referred to as “pile back”), they do not swallow up the totality of your window. You should account for your pile back to cover concerning one-third of your window.

Action 3: Mark Your Wall

Grab a pencil, as well as help, make a mild smudge on your wall where you intend to put your window curtain rod. If you possess a level helpful, use it! It’s worth it to place in a little extra effort to ensure you hang your drapes as efficiently as possible.

Step 4: Shop for the Right Rod

Currently, you’re all set to choose your drape rod!

Remember to represent drape cloth and also excellent sizes for various curtain fabrics and also styles.

For example, some curtain textiles appear much better drifting over the floor, while other components look far better puddled on the floor.

Furthermore, a thinner rod (5/8 ′′ width) is best for light-weight or even sheer window curtains, while1-inch poles appropriate for bigger window curtains and also drapery.

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