Ideas How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Holes in Your Wall

how to hang curtains without a rod Useful

Hanging window curtains is a discomfort. How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Holes in Your Wall?

You thoroughly assess your windows three times to receive the particular sizes, only to dangle your window curtain rods and realize they’re jagged. Today you must begin all over. Plus, you need to have to spackle, sand, and also coat the aged rotary tool holes to hide all of them – you have squandered hrs as well as still have not hung up your drapes.

creative ways to hang curtains without a rod

The good news is, hanging window curtains, as well as drape, doesn’t have to be such an ache. Below is actually how to hang curtains without drilling holes or nails in your wall surface.

Different Ways to Hang Your Window Curtains Without Drilling.

Put your rotary tool and also spackle apart. Below are 4 creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall surfaces.

1. Cover Hooks

Jacket hooks are an amazingly functional tool. Securing waterproofs and also bags, they can likewise be used to dangle drapes.

To mount them, sprinkle the coat hooks at an even distance across the window. Loophole the holes via each hook to hang your window curtains.

Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are less complicated to hang than typical curtain pole equipment and do not need boring. The only disadvantage is actually that they demand specific, accurate dimensions and also position and closing all of them is a discomfort. Drape hooks are better for aesthetic home windows that do not need to have to become adjusted frequently.

2. Curtain Rod Brackets

Curtain Rod Brackets

There are a pair of significant challenges to putting up window curtains: properly measuring them and also destructive your wall structures.

Window curtain rod brackets do away with the pain of both those activities. The cutting edge design takes moments to install, requires no measurements as well as does not wreck your wall.

Simply position the braces on the sections of your home window framework, tap all of them in with a rubber mallet or hammer as well as they are good to go. No harm, nails, or drills, as well as you’ll obtain wonderfully straightened drapes whenever!

3. Order Hooks

Ah, Command Hooks. There are a great number of short articles committed to the unique uses and also life hacks for Command Hooks, coming from putting up the craft, photographs, and tricks to placing hubs to the wall structure.

Hanging drapes is one of their several imaginative make uses of– the very same hooks you use for handyman tasks can easily pull double-duty as drape rod holders.

  • To begin, you’ll need to have at least 2 Demand Hooks (if your window is longer than 30 inches, you’ll require a 3rd Command Hook to sustain the middle).
  • Command Hooks can be found in swept nickel as well as oil-rubbed bronze, thus you can mix and match corresponding to your decoration.
  • Steel Command Hooks are offered in small, medium as well as plus sizes.

Command Hooks

When deciding on a window curtain rod, search for one with a lean size– less than 3/4 ins. Any sort of more thick, as well as it won’t have the capacity to suit the Order Hook.

After you’ve very carefully measured the drapes, strip off the sticky cover on the Command Hooks. Place the hooks for at minimum 30 moments just before dangling your curtains.

Command Hooks may merely stand up to 5 extra pounds of weight, so they’re not suited for much heavier curtains or even drapes (or even the steady damage of children and also family pets). While you may recycle them, Command Hooks shed their wetness in time as well as may not be the absolute most durable service.

4. Pressure Pole Curtains

Tension Rod Curtains

Stress pole curtains have rods that stretch from within one window frame to the various other. They’re a fantastic alternate means to hang drapes– you can install them in minutes with no complex measurements or even installment.

Strain rod curtains possess a handful of type possibilities. You may position them on top of the window or even lower for a country curtain design.

Tension pole curtains are most ideal for sheer, lighter fabrics. They are not sturdy sufficient for much heavier drapes or blackout drapes. Depending upon the dimension of the home window, you may require to buy custom sizes, which can easily receive challenging.

5. Append Curtain Rods from the Ceiling

Curtain Rods from the Ceiling

If it is completely dry, brittle paste, or a cinderblock wall surface that is avoiding you from boring openings, consider dangling your curtain rod from the roof instead. Suspending drapes from the roof will appear all-natural if you possess high-set windows. If you possess specifically reduced windows, a stress pole might still be your best bet.

Hang Curtains Without Wall Damages

If you’re looking for the fastest, most convenient means to install your drapes without harming the wall surfaces, recognize you can easily constantly count on curtain pole brackets to do the job quickly.

No-drill braces are accessible in a wide array of shades for both singulars as well as dual drape poles. Help braces are also accessible for extended window widths making use of drape poles longer than 30″.

Plus, unlike Demand Hooks or even pressure poles, brackets can assist around twenty extra pounds. You’ll have the ability to utilize traditional window curtain poles or even hang larger drapes without concern.

how to hang curtains without drilling

Coating hooks are simpler to hang than conventional drape rod equipment and don’t demand to drill. Leave behind the hooks for at minimum 30 moments before dangling your drapes.

If it’s dry out, brittle paste, or even a cinderblock wall that’s preventing you from coming from punching gaps, take into consideration dangling your window curtain rod coming from the roof as an alternative.

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