Selection Of Glass Curtains And Partitions For The Bathroom

Glass Curtains Residential areas

Plastic or glass curtains for the bathroom help not only to protect furniture and textiles from moisture but also to create a unique design of the room. They will be the perfect solution for families who are equally fond of taking a shower and lying in a relaxing bath. This will help save space in the room and keep it neat and clean, without traces of water and small splashes after water procedures.

How to choose the right bathroom divider?

Glass Curtains For The Bathroom

Today on the market there is a wide range of different curtains for the bathroom of any design and style. The main thing among all this variety is to choose the appropriate option. To do this, you should pay attention to the following features:

  1. Decide on the type of construction. For this, it is imperative to take into account the material and type of bath. So, rigid structures cannot be installed on a cast-iron bath. The same goes for plumbing, which has an uneven horizontal surface. Sliding curtains will be required to use the bathroom board completely, the folding model retracts to one of the walls, allowing you to save space in the room, and when installing a swing door, you should take into account the availability of free space to open it.
  2. Select the material of the partition, as well as its texture and color. One of the most popular and simplest types is a textile curtain. Also, you can opt for tempered glass or plastic. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, which should be considered before installing them.
  3. Learn about the manufacturer. To get good quality at a reasonable price, you need to read the reviews of consumers who have already installed them in their homes.

In addition to choosing a model of curtains for the bathroom, you should take care of the necessary equipment and fittings. For textiles, you will need a special cornice with rings or clothespins. A plastic or glass bathroom curtain can be equipped with additional options or functions. For example, a hydromassage panel or a stand for fixing a showerhead.

What are glass and plastic curtains in the bathroom?

To maximally protect the bathroom from splashes and give the room as a whole an interesting appearance, it is better to initially opt for materials such as glass or plastic, and decide between them.

Fabric Curtains

Textile curtains in the bathroom

Textile curtains for the bathroom do not have the proper level of protection and practicality, although they are made of a special water-repellent fabric. They have the lowest cost of all options and can be installed in small rooms. They can be easily exchanged for new models if necessary.

Regardless of whether the panels are made of plastic or tempered glass, the frame is made of aluminum. It is durable and reliable. The frame is easy to install on any horizontal surface.

Plastic Curtains In The Bathroom

Most often, high-quality plastic curtains are installed in the bathroom.

This is mainly because it is inexpensive. But at the same time, this material does an excellent job with the functions assigned to it to protect the premises from water splashes. The model is considered an excellent budget option for those people who prioritize quality over the appearance of the product. Also, plastic curtains for the bathroom will withstand all the pranks and fun of small children.

Glass Curtains


Glass curtains for the bathroom have established themselves as a reliable and durable product that has excellent aesthetic properties.

They can be produced in different sizes and shades, which will organically fit into any bathroom design. Installation of a glass partition does not take much time and does not require additional effort.

Also, they can be supplemented with any decor or pattern. A glass panel with a photo print applied to it looks especially relevant. Tempered glass is highly durable. Even if it breaks for some reason, the fragments will not cause harm, since the glass will crumble into small pieces without sharp chips. A shower or bathroom with such panel material is easy to maintain and quickly cleaned.

How to choose the right color?

Partitions for the bathroom can be chosen in a transparent color. They are suitable for any interior and do not stand out from the general visual picture of the room. But to diversify the room and give it individuality, you can pay attention to different colors of glass tinting or opt for a matte surface.

A correctly chosen color will help hide the existing visual imperfections of the room, emphasize the advantages, and make the room visually wider and brighter.

Types of structures curtains in the bathroom

Everything in the bathroom should look organic and harmonious. To do this, you need not only to think over the general style of the room but also to combine every detail, right down to the towel holders. This room should not just be a place for hygiene procedures, it helps a person to get complete relaxation after a busy day at work and fill him with the strength to conquer new heights.

Therefore, it is worth considering very carefully the choice of designs for the bathroom curtain. They must be durable, strong, reliable, and well protect the room from splashing water while being easy to clean and visually highlighting the interior and style of the room.

Bathroom curtain designs can be of the following types:

Sliding Curtains

Sliding Curtains

Installed completely on one bathroom boron in such a way that a shower stall is obtained. This is ideal for people who want to fully lie in the bath and take a shower. This design will help to cope with the task as successfully as possible. The only drawback is the possible difficulties when cleaning and cleaning the canvas.

Swing Curtains In The Bathroom

Swing glass door bathroom

The doors can be opened outward and inward. Before installing such curtains in the bathroom, you should consider how the rest of the furniture and the washing machine is located. If this is not taken into account, then during further operation difficulties and problems may arise when opening the door.

Panel Or Stationary

Panel Or Stationary

This structure is not installed on the whole side of the bathroom, but a certain part. Depending on the location of the furniture and the footage of the room, the panel can occupy 1/3 of the bath or half. It is highly splash-proof and easy to clean and wash.

Folding Glass Curtains

They are assembled according to the accordion principle. The structure consists of several sections. It opens by folding into an accordion. There is more free space in the bathroom. This model is ideal for small spaces.

In addition to standard designs, there are highly targeted models. These include curved shower curtains for corner baths. They serve not only as protection against moisture penetration but also as the main element and accent of the bathroom.

Therefore, you need to correctly determine the model of the bath curtain, choose its design and color. Today there is a huge selection of different models, among which it will not be difficult to choose the best option. The main thing is that it does a good job with the functions assigned to it.

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