The Best Blackout Curtains For The Nursery. Stylish And Practical

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The leading question new parents constantly ask is, “just how can I obtain my baby to sleep better?” The answer is simple – The best blackout curtains for the nursery.

nursery blackout curtains

You could ask 10 people and also you’ll possibly obtain ten various solutions. Yet one point all the specialists have in common is that your infant needs a setting that is conducive to sleep.

One of the easiest ways to facilitate much better rest for your infant or kid is to mount the best blackout curtains for your infant’s baby room. But with a lot of brand names and also designs on the market, exactly how do you understand which ones are best? Fortunately for you, I’ve currently done the research study.

I’ve very carefully selected the most effective power outage drapes available offer for sale online, so select the blackout drapes or shades that fit your design and also budget and afterward fluff your cushion since you’re concerning to catch some more ZZZs.

In a hurry or simply ordinary curious?

These particular curtains are one of the most popular with our readers because they are

  • thermally insulated
  • fashionable
  • budget-friendly

Best Blackout Curtains for Your Nursery

NiceTown Blackout Curtains

NiceTown Blackout Curtains

Allow’s start with the easiest and most budget-friendly version of them all. It’s a plain panel design curtain in 14 solid colors, so you’re likely to discover one to match your baby room. Relatively cost-effective, these NICETOWN drapes are easy on the budget plan.

The textile is made from a triple-layer weave using black yarn between to block out 85% -99% of light. It’s important to note that you’ll have more success with these curtains by choosing a darker shade. However, if an affordable price is what you’re searching for, these can not be defeated.


  • Terrific price point
  • 14 color options
  • 3 dimension options
  • Matching valence option
  • Just 85% or more power outage
  • Select a darker color to obstruct even more light

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels for Nursery

blackout shades for nursery

If you’ve been taking notice of patterns nowadays, white as well as grey have made a significant resurgence. Yet locating white blackout curtains for your baby room that real job is like seeking a needle in a haystack.

Don’t worry– I’ve found the needle for you. NICETOWN makes a higher-end line of solid panel overall blackout curtains, however at a higher cost.

The 100% blackout line doesn’t include as several shades as their budget line, however, it does have white as well as astonishingly, they function!


  • 100% power outage
  • White blackout curtains that work!
  • 5 dimension alternatives
  • Device washable
  • Blocks warmth to lower electrical power bill
  • 7 color choices offered

Complete Blackout Window Film

Total Blackout Window Film

If you currently have the perfect drapes for your baby room style but they don’t shut out sufficient light, this last solution is for you.

This area smudging film hold on to your home windows without tape or adhesive as well as obstructs 100% of light.

It takes a bit of time to determine, reduce, and afterward stick and you’ll require to make certain to remove any kind of air bubbles, yet if your kid is having a hard time oversleeping the day, you’ll discover it is well worth the trouble.

It’s likewise a terrific solution for occupants as there’s no need to mount a curtain pole.


  • 100% blackout
  • Great for renters
  • Can make use of with existing curtains
  • Static cling– no devices required

Deconovo Room Darkening Curtain

Striped Room Darkening Curtains Rod Pocket Kids

Right here we choose an additional tie-up option, however this time in a stripe with a satin surface at a somewhat higher price.

These Deconovo bind drapes are my preferred enhancement for a baby room with a tiny home window.

The stripes are really on a fad and also one of the 7 shade choices is likely to coordinate with your motif.


  • 7 Color options
  • On-trend stripes
  • Super cute design
  • Just one dimension option
  • Not 100% blackout

GUEST PIGEON Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Window Roller

PASSENGER PIGEON Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Window Roller

For a streamlined, minimalistic complete blackout color, these roll down shades from Passenger Pigeon has clients going crazy.

You can choose between 50% blackout or 100% blackout in 13 different colors, as well as because they fit inside the window frame, you can still utilize these blackout tones with your favorite baby room themed curtains.

They help reduce your electrical power expense by obstructing heat from the sun, conserving money in the long run. However, customers are going crazy concerning these blackout shades not only because they work so well, however because of the customer service.

Is your home window a various size? Do not fret– they will certainly custom make them according to your specific measurements. Just comply with the directions to gauge your home window and location your order.

A customer care rep will certainly connect with you to ascertain your dimensions before waging your order.


  • Customized order to fit your precise window
  • 100% or 50% power outage– you choose
  • Excellent client service
  • Can be made use of under your favored curtains
  • Blocks heat to reduced electrical power costs
  • 13 colors to choose from
  • Water-proof

Melodieux Cartoon Owl Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Top Curtains

 Melodieux Cartoon Owl Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Top Curtains

If themes are what you’re seeking, these Melodieux curtains are available in three various prints that make sure to please: vivid owls, ponies, or trees. The owl themed drapes are my individual preferred and all of the prints can coordinate with current trending baby room styles.

What I especially enjoy regarding these curtains are the optional large panels that you can buy individually to provide your baby room a brightened, created look even when you do not need to obstruct the light.

The positive side shows warm to maintain your electrical costs down, but like numerous other styles of blackout drapes, these panels are not total power outage so keep that in mind before buying.


  • Charming prints
  • Optional matching sheer panels
  • Heat showing lining
  • 3 sizes to pick from
  • Wonderful rate factor
  • Not 100% power outage

Mobile Baby Travel Window Blackout Blind Shades

blackout curtains for nursery

Our household travels– a lot. Not all resorts have blackout drapes, implying our getaways do not always cause a lot of rest for our kids.

With the AmazonBasics Travel Blackout Blind, you can take your power outage drapes with you wherever you go so the entire family can sleep.

Just make use of the Velcro to adjust the drape to the size of the window as well as moisten the suction cups for a short-term power outage service that’s best for traveling. It’s light-weight so you can even pack it in your suitcase without stressing overweight limitations.

Several various other companies make a similar product, however, the AmazonBasics version is your finest mix of price as well as quality. I’ve simply added one to my cart so from now on, I’ll be keeping the aluminum foil in the cooking area.


  • Perfect for traveling or renters
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable dimension
  • 100% blackout
  • Suction cups– no devices required
  • Just one pattern option– black

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

blackout curtains for kids

For our last NICETOWN design, this lovable tie up curtains is perfect for smaller sized windows as well as a baby room home window treatment with a bit much more design than simply a solid panel.

It’s the very same three-way weave textile so you will not have complete blackout unless you select a darker shade, the cost can’t be defeated as well as the bows will include a touch of appeal to your nursery.


  • Excellent rate point
  • Super adorable design
  • 2 size choices
  • 15 shade choices
  • 85% or even more blackout

Exactly How Blackout Curtains Can Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

If you’ve ever functioned the night shift or took a trip across time zones, you might have seen first-hand just how light affects our body clock as well as hinders rest. It’s nature’s way of maintaining us in tune with the 24-hour cycle by launching melatonin when darkness falls.

nursery curtains

Depending on the age of your child, they may require anywhere from 13 to 16 hours of sleep in a day separated right into snoozes and evenings, yet a baby’s sleep requirements don’t constantly match the rhythm of the sun.

Blackout curtains in the nursery can boost their snoozes and nights, as well as aid you to have a well-rested child, also when the sunlight is up.

During the night

Whether you stay in Alaska where the Summer sunlight does not set till practically midnight or you simply live on a well-lit road, blackout curtains will aid the rise of melatonin that will help your baby get the sleep they require and also block out headlights and also street lights that could be waking your child throughout the evening.

I’ll never forget when my husband, as well as I, babysat for some close friends a couple of years earlier.

They had a strict bedtime of 7:30 pm for their little boy. They informed us “simply put him in bed at 7:30. He’ll most likely shriek for a very long time before he goes to sleep.”

When bedtime came, I noticed that there were no curtains in his room. 7:30 pm on a Summer night could as well have been noon with the amount of light that was bursting in.

No surprise the child didn’t intend to rest– his body had no signal that it was time to generate melatonin. A simple addition of nursery blackout curtains could have conserved this bad youngster (and his exhausted parents!) the every night tantrums and bedtime struggles.

There was no doubt that he was worn out, however with an area packed with light his little mind simply could not receive the signals it required to visit sleep.

Installing blackout curtains will certainly assist you to prepare your infant’s baby room before bedtime to make sure that also when the sun hasn’t set yet, you can create a dark setting that will aid in the launch of melatonin.

Close the curtains a while before going to bed as well as take part in some quiet tasks. Quickly, your infant’s mind will get the memo as well as they’ll lose the battle versus sleep. The darker the drapes, the even more success you’ll have in obtaining your infant to settle at going to bed.

Lately, my household, as well as I, took place trip to a beautiful little beach town for some rest. Just it had not been extremely relaxing.

Our house was right alongside a street light, shining directly into our bedroom.

It was a difficulty for any of us to reach sleep, however especially for our four-month-old child. Not just did she not settle down for bed, but then she got up twice as long as she did in the house. So we had some power outage drapes!

I attempted to wing it by taping foil over the windows, yet obtaining the foil straight was almost impossible as well as the audio it made as it rustled in the wind drove us crazy.

As your child gets older and discovers to calm themselves to rest, blackout curtains will certainly help them kick back down during those evening wakings.

In the Morning

Oh, the feared 5 am get up. You stayed up late seeing Netflix (because Word Party is the only show you get to watch when the kids are wide awake) but the sun doesn’t care.

And also when the sunlight begins to climb, so do the kids, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Power outage curtains in the nursery, nevertheless, can help you capture a few more winks in the early morning.

Equally, as darkness signals the release of melatonin to sleep, light signals the launch of cortisol to wake up. By blocking the early morning light, you may be able to rack up just a little bit more rest. This is particularly helpful during the Summer months when the sun rises before 6 am.

At Nap

While your baby room could be Pinterest perfect with the hanging mobile you spent hours developing as well as the gilded name intermediary you found on Etsy, all of that gorgeous design can be overstimulating for a baby that needs to rest.

Power outage curtains or shades can significantly darken the area, even at the brightest time of day, and also removed those added energizers that are keeping baby awake.

I’m certain the woodland animals hanging above the baby crib are lovable, however, you do not want them to maintain your little camper from sleeping!

What to Look for in Blackout Curtains

When you’re purchasing blackout drapes, there are a couple of points to remember. Not all are created equal. The title “power outage drapes” can be deceiving.

Lots of brands promote power outage curtains, yet what they mean is “space dimming” curtains. Make certain to examine the material. Does it have a foam layer support or a warm reflective silver support?

These versions will certainly obstruct a lot more light than just a hefty weave fabric, as well as the reflective cellular lining will aid you minimize your power expense.

Some models have a center layer sewn into the textile, essentially making the blackout attribute invisible.

Several adorable Land of Nod versions utilize this method, and while it leads to a stunning item, I’m not all of us agree to pay this much for our home window therapies.

I’ve looked online to find the most effective power outage drapes readily available for the cost, design, and quantity of light filtered. Some models blackout 85% or even more light, while others are overall power outage drapes. Despite just how much you wish to pay, you can be certain to find a design that suits your budget plan.


curtains for babys room

Whether you own your home or lease, have little windows or big, among these choices, makes certain to meet your demands to aid you and your children obtain even more sleep while including design to your nursery.

It is no brainer that having the very best blackout curtains for a baby room will assist your child rest longer. Area darkening drapes for nursery decrease the quantity of light entering into space, therefore, normally motivating drowsiness.

Moreover, the thickness as well as thickness in drapes for the baby’s room makes them able to manage the temperature levels. Their protecting properties likewise assist minimize energy expenses in your house.

And lastly, their capacity to minimize any kind of external noises will aid your infant rest also when there is a sound outside their area.

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