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Electric Curtains: Pros, Cons, Features

With the advent of the smart home system, top brands regularly invent designs, gadgets, interior details that make living in an apartment as comfortable as possible. Among the trends of recent years are electric curtains. The canvas rises and falls without human intervention: just press the necessary button on the remote control or on the electronic taskbar (when connected to a smart home system). It is not even necessary to approach the cornice, which is especially convenient in large houses, restaurants, offices.

Advantages of electric curtains

  • It is convenient to arrange a non-standard doorway or high windows. The original solution will successfully replace doors, outdated blinds, and bulky fabric curtains.
  • You don’t have to wade through furniture to straighten the canvas. This is very important in rooms where tables, chairs, sofas, and other interior items are placed under the windows.
  • Easy to open batteries. It has been proven that radiators closed with curtains supply 20% less heat to the room: the remainder involuntarily goes to heating the wall. In winter, the electric curtains can be raised above the batteries, and in summer they can be lowered to the desired level.
  • Lots of fixing options. You can raise the curtains to the ceiling in the daytime, lower the curtains to the floor at night so that bright light does not wake up in the morning, adjust the height at the level of flower pots, and more.
  • Hi-tech – which is the personification of innovative technology and practicality.
  • They are made of durable, wear-resistant materials, do not fade in the sun. The gentle operation of the electric drive extends the life of the curtains, especially compared to conventional options.
  • The almost complete absence of noise, which is especially important in houses with small children and premises with a large number of employees.
  • The main advantage of electric curtains is their 100% convenience. The design, ingenious in its simplicity, will not only add zest to the interior but also facilitate household chores.

Cons of electric curtains

The disadvantages of such curtains are an order of magnitude less than the advantages:

  • have a high cost (2-3 times higher than the price of ordinary fabric curtains), which not every consumer can afford;
  • it is necessary to install a separate power line for the system to work smoothly;
  • It is very difficult to mount the structure on your own, so you will have to call specialists;
  • electricity costs increase, and batteries or batteries have to be changed periodically.

The insignificant disadvantages of electric curtains are extinguished in front of serious advantages. If you are planning to update your interior, look for innovative curtains that will emphasize your desire to keep up with the times.

Right now you don’t have to draw hanged ropes on the window to open or even close drapes in your house. Remote Control Curtain Rods are made to lower or even elevate shades immediately through simply clicking a remote control operator.

In this post, our team is going to highlight the top 10 absolute best Remote Control Curtain Rods in 2020. Our experts have thoroughly reviewed each one of them, and our experts are sure they will be excellent for you.

Best Remote Control Electric Curtains Rods in 2020

10. Starry Smart Motorized Electric Curtain Rods along with Remote Control

motorized curtain rod



If you are searching for a traditional Electric curtain rod, you ought to consider this option. It is made of top quality lightweight aluminum raw material, making it a bendable but sturdy pole that can easily be utilized by drapes that body weights up to 110lb.

This Motorized Curtain Rod can be quickly put in along with a screwdriver or even drill on the roof or even on the wall. When there is an electrical power decrease, you may easily open up or even close the drapes manually. Above all, it can be used with approximately 7 meters of monitor durations.

Features of Product

  1. Durable and also ultra-quiet
  2. Power off- manual feature
  3. Could be used with window curtain body weights as much as 110lb
  4. Easy installation needed
  5. Greatest quality lightweight aluminum component

9. HC Motorized Smart Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks

electric curtain rod


It is an incredibly peaceful Curtain Tracks that uses Smart Wifi electric motor. Ideally, this Curtain Tracks is very quick and easy to mount and calls for just a handful of steps to mount.

The manual taking can set off the electric motor to respond to function by hand. When the electrical power is cut off, you may work it by hand. This drape pole is made from the high-grade product, making it sturdy as well as will provide you for several years to follow.

Attributes of Product

  1. Quick and easy setup
  2. RF remote control
  3. Collaborate with mobile phone apps as well as Amazon Alexa
  4. Lightweight touch trigger
  5. Free to work manually

8. METechs Electric Window Remote Control Aluminum Curtain Rod

remote control curtain

METechs Electric Window Curtain Rod deals with all kinds of drape draperies or even material. You may open up the drape or even shut by management pad, remote control, hand, or any other controller. You can easily shut or even open up coming from the right, left behind, or facility as the electric motor can easily be installed on the right or ideal end. This pole is created coming from gorgeous lightweight aluminum, producing it lightweight as well as tough. Also, you can cut down the span of the track to any sort of dimension and features both ceiling and wall surface installing hardware.

Installing this Curtain Rod is very basic along with a screwdriver. This Curtain Rod possesses a risk-free and also reliable design and happens with a 12VDC transformer with GS and UL permission.

Attributes of Product

  1. Simple and also very easy installment
  2. The electric motor may be positioned at the correct or right side
  3. Functions along with Google Home as well as Amazon Alexa
  4. Possess a stunning aluminum track
  5. Safe and trusted style

7. AOK electric motor AC 90-260V Shade Tubular Electric Roller Blinds

remote control curtain rod

When you acquire the AOK motor Roller Blinds, there will be zero a lot more having a hard time to readjust home window hues. It is developed to open up or shut drapes automatically through simply the use of the remote.

It is a 110v Plug-in Roller Shade with a roller electric motor of diameter in, and also it is heading to suit 1.5 inches Roller Blinds. Along with that, it can be easily be handled through a mobile phone remote or wall shift distant, making it optimal for hard-to-reach windows.

The set features mounting braces, phone remote control, ride wheel, curler electric motor, and it is advised for shade window curtains evaluating up to 9.7 Pound. One more point, these drape poles work along with Amazon resemble; thereby, you can operate your motorized colors anywhere, anytime. Above all, you can make a milk cooking timer in the supplied APP to lesser or even increase hues automatically.

Functions of Product

  1. Working silently along with a sound level listed below 40db
  2. Max shelters a weight of 9.7 lb.
  3. Suitable with reflect.
  4. Curler motors match 1.5 inches roller blinds.
  5. Raise as well as lesser tones immediately.

6. American Home supplier Smart Home Curtain Rod (13 ft).

Smart Home Curtain Rod

Do you wish a power Roller Blinds that manages gently without making sounds, after that, American Home supplier Curtain Rod will function properly for you? It is a durable, heavy-duty, and also clever window curtain rod that is quick and easy to put in as well as a construct in your home window. Essentially, you can easily control this drape rod making use of various approaches, consisting of Google Home, Echo, Amazon Alexa, smart device, remote control, and a lot more.

Additionally, it features a wise timer for closing and also a position via a mobile phone App or even a remote.

Installing this Curtain Rod is actually extremely simple, and also you may mount to enable right, left behind, or even main position. It possesses a smart electric motor that keeps in mind window curtain distance and position environments. You may personally draw the window curtain to set off the motor, and also it will operate immediately. When the power gets out, you can by handwork.

Attributes of Product.

  1. Peaceful, wise window curtain pole.
  2. Three installation choices.
  3. Prepare timers for opening and also closing.
  4. Several management methods.
  5. When electrical power is off, hands-on function accessible.

5. Flower Home Fashion 9ft to 12ft Room Divider, Curtains Ceiling Track, Silver.

remote control curtain rods

This ingenious clever drape pole comes inconveniently. That, it comes along with additional large hooks that will certainly fit any kind of drapes. This Ceiling Track possesses an extra realistic layout, and also it is furnished with countless hooks that permit you to put up the curtains without any sort of fear.

The package is featured with installation-holders, end caps, end hooks, screws, hooks, rollers, paths, and found. Mounting this window curtain pole is very easy as well as fast, and also you carry out not require to choose a specialist to find and perform it for you.

Features of Product.

  1. 4 dimension options for a range of home windows.
  2. Has 2 setup approaches.
  3. Crafted from premier aluminum composite.
  4. Comes with installation-holders and screws.
  5. Strong as well as strong design.

4. Morning rising 12V DIY Shade Tubular Electric Roller Blind with Remote Controller.

remote curtain rods

Lots of people take into consideration acquiring this Electric Roller Blind as a result of its uniqueness, design, and also toughness. It is heading to match 38 mm or even 1.5-inch size cylinders. You can easily use all of them in an exhibit lobby, workplace structure, workplace building, apartment or condo, modern-day family members house, and also lodging curtain command. These curtain poles are constructed from first-class, creating it resilient and included Installation guidelines for easy placing.

It has no subjected chains and cables, making it risk-free for youngsters and also animals. Also, it possesses a remarkable coating that is both rust and corrosion immune to enhance its resilience. Last but not least, the devices offered to create the wise window curtain rod easy, simple to put in.

Attributes of Product.

  1. Satisfy for 38 mm diameter or even 1.5-inch tubes.
  2. Easy to setup.
  3. Featured along with iron holder and also electrical shutter electric motor.
  4. Ideal for all places of the structure.
  5. Made of top-quality components.

3. Rollerhouse DIY 24V Smart Electric Roller Shades/Blinds.

remote control curtains

This is an exceptional Electric curler shade coming from roller house that can elevate tones of up to 11 lb. It features a built-in radio operator, as well as a 5mm diameter roller electric motor that enables you to from another location available or shuts the curtains. In addition to that, the tubular motor kit is powered by 24v dc coming from a challenging wired electrical power source or even wall plug-in transformer. Preferably, these wise electric roller blinds are capable of dealing with colors that are as large as 118 x 118 ins.

You can easily connect this Roller Shades with Alexa as well as Google Home to vehicle reduced or even raise blinds whenever you are or even any time. Preparing up this Electric Roller Shades is straightforward and also comes with an instruction manual to direct you on just how to use it.

Functions of Product.

  1. 5mm size curler tones electric motor.
  2. 1.5-inch lightweight aluminum roller water pipes.
  3. Raise capacities 11 pounds. hues.
  4. Performs effectively along with Google Home and also Alexa.
  5. Build-in broadcast controller.

2. AOK motors Solar Powered AM25 Radio Frequency Battery Operated Motorized Blinds/Shades.

motorized drapery rod

Next on the list is this battery-operated curtain pole through AOK. The rod is geared up with Li-ion powered motors that call for no exterior electric battery pack, no electrical wires, and no challenging installation. You merely require to charge the electric motor when required.

These mechanized curler hues can easily deal with big tones gauging 120 ins x 120 inches, and the package is consisted of along with cover brackets, plug charger, motor dental crown as well as drive, push-button control, and also installing hardware. This item comes at a cost-effective cost.

Components of Product.

  1. Li-ion powered electric motors.
  2. 3 operational rate setups.
  3. 12v DC lithium-ion electric battery.
  4. Over 500 backward and forwards operations on a singular command.
  5. Manages tones as big as 120 x 120 inches.

1. Zemismart Remote Control WiFi Electric Drapery System Curtain Motor.

electronic curtain rods

It assists APP Control, Remote management, Siri Voice control, and also Google Home Smart sound speaker to open up or even close the Curtains. The window curtain poles can be managed by hands when the energy is off.

The motor bears in mind the near and open postures, and it might stop when it runs into difficulty in securing the body. The pole is made high-quality products that create it strong as well as strong.

Features of Product.

  1. Assistance remote control as well as application management.
  2. DO-IT-YOURSELF style and customized keep tracks of.
  3. Manual procedure without power.
  4. Easy to set up.
  5. All equipment consisted of.

Aspects to Consider When Purchasing the very best Remote Control Curtain Rods.


Perform you possess a large home window or even you intend to hide a tiny window inside your space? The window measurement effect is going to affect the measurements of curtain poles that you will certainly acquire. As a result, evaluate the measurements of the window and opt for the best drape rod that is going to satisfy the measurement demand.


The construction materials identify the sturdiness of the poles. With that said, look for drape rods that are made of high-quality materials as well as with premium workmanship for it to offer you for several years.

Reduce Installation

You perform not yearn for one thing that will take a considerable amount of time to put up. Each item is different when it comes to installment. Get the window curtain poles that come pre-assembled and also are stuffed along with all needed extras to repair it suitably.


Last yet not the very least, the expense of push-button control curtain rods is something that every shopper needs to consider. Many modern motorized curtain rod the much more costly it will be.

Final thought.

Whether you are exploring a drape pole for your bedroom window, home kitchen window, residing room window or bathroom window, we have acquired you dealt with. The remote curtain rods noted above are effortless to put in, Ultra-quiet, as well as durable. That, some of all of them are appropriate along with Google Home, Amazon Alexa reflect; hence, you may function your motorized shades, anywhere, anytime. Perhaps, our customer’s quick guide and also a set of reviews have helped you feel extra confident when producing a decision.

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