Your In-depth Guide To Extra Long Curtain Rods

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When One Needs Extra Long Curtain Rods

In this particular write-up, you will certainly get complete relevant information concerning extra-long curtain rods and when they are needed to have. There are several events when a window use might call for a longer span and those rods need to have to become ordered particularly. There are a lot of properties that possess a multitude of windows or home windows that are larger so to allow additional illumination as well as the sky. The idea is to cheer up the room. Larger home windows mean mindful preparation and also the appropriate means to dress them up. One needs to put the right design and also the duration of poles and use the correct fabric that helps them control the amount of light inside the area.

Windows has been available in different sizes and shapes. Along with the length as well as bigger home windows, one needs to be additional careful with their setup, choice of textile, and also the installations of the window curtain rods. The correct drapes as well as the best installation may assist in hiding any problems. Extra-long curtains consistently incorporate an official want to any type of room.

To ease your curtain-hanging duties, our experts collected everything you need to have to learn about gauging, shopping for, and also putting in extra-long curtain poles as well as heavy-duty curtain poles.

Exactly how to Measure Your Window for Extra Long Curtain Rods

Initial thing first, gauge your window to calculate what length drape pole you need.

Use a steel measuring tape to specifically establish the width of your home windows. You can easily evaluate coming from framework to structure or even casing to housing, depending on the design of your window.

Have a look at our comprehensive bit-by-bit quick guide on how to measure for curtain rods with preciseness and precision.

After you take down your window’s dimensions, incorporate 20% or 6 ins (whichever is most suitable for the area) to account for stackback.

Extra Long Curtain Rod Sizes

Do you recognize the variation between a basic curtain pole as well as an extra-long window curtain pole?

Specification curtain rods are typically available in the adhering to size varieties: 28-48 ins, 48-84 ins, and 66-120 ins.

Extra-long curtain poles, on the contrary, span more than 120 ins. While 120-inch curtain poles reside in well-liked stores, they are commonly much less quickly accessible than typical window curtain rod sizes.

Before you go on and also obtain those extra long curtain rods, acquire the appropriate sizes for the poles as well as the window curtains. This is to do away with any sort of costly errors or having to bring in any type of adjustments later.

Extra Long Curtain Rod Finishes and Colors

Window curtain rod coatings, shades, and types are vital in improving the total feel and look of your windows, particularly if you’re collaborating with an extra-long drape pole and also a big window.

We’ll study well-known shade as well as design options and also factors to consider to remember as you look for the ideal durable window curtain pole.

Curtain Rod Colors

These are a number of the absolute most popular color options for window curtain poles:

  • Afro-American
  • Weathered Brown
  • Bubbly Silver
  • White
  • Brass
  • Bronze

extra long curtain rods

Make sure you pick different colors that enhance your braces, drape, or drape boards et cetera of your area. When you pull your window curtains back, a lot of the rod and also hardware is going to be obvious.

Drape Rod Finishes and also Design

Bear in mind of your existing hardware, home furniture, and also environments or even style to calculate the very best product for your window curtain pole. Available, you’ll most generally locate these finishes:

  • Timber
  • Plastic
  • Metal or blend (brass, bronze, nickel, and so on).

extra long curtain rod

Understand just how the window curtain pole end affects your room. A plastic white colored curtain rod would fit a straightforward bedroom, however wouldn’t operate properly in an official location with even more superb home furniture.

Lastly, do not ignore finials. Finials, completion limits on window curtain rods, round out the appeal of your window procedures as well as aid pull the appeal together.

If you wish to draw more attention to your curtain pole or window curtains, go with a basic, much less elegant finial that doesn’t attract attention as much. If you expect opening your curtains, an ornamental finial will create your windows stand out, even when you take your window curtains back.

Do It Yourself Extra-Long Curtain Rods.

If you don’t have any type of success finding the ideal pre-made pole size, you could need to consider DIY techniques for extra-long curtain rods.

This method may take a while, thus if you’re scrambling to obtain your window curtains up, a DIY procedure could certainly not be viable. Nevertheless, DIY curtain rods are a wonderful technique to conserve funds, because custom curtain rods may be costly.

For your benefit, look into this quick DIY manual for creating an extra-long curtain pole from scratch.

You’ll need to have:

1″ electrical metallic pipe.
Long-lasting marker.
Spray paint.
Automotive guide.
Next off, apply these instructions.

Measure and also cut

Measure and reduce the size of the metal cylinder to your wanted pole measurements. Mark your dimensions along with a long-lasting marker.

Spray paint

Protect the flooring or even area with a ground cloth. Spray paint the metal tube along with your preferred shade. Consider spraying artwork in an enclosed (yet airy) area, so no clutter holds on to the paint.


Prime your curtain rod after spray paint, so the paint’s layer remains in one piece. It’s greatest to utilize the automotive guide, which is best for heavy-duty metallics.

Incorporate finials

Add finishing touches when all coatings are completely dry. Apply epoxy to the end of your window curtain rod, and affix the finial throughout of the pole. Keep firmly for a minute or more to set.

Exactly How to Install Extra Long Curtain Rods.

The method for installing an extra-long window curtain pole coincides as setting up a standard-length pole. Pay interest to your sizes to ensure your pole has correct assistance.

Those longer can be straight put up into the wall or even through a housing. However, before you punch any sort of openings in your walls, make certain you understand what you are doing. Estimation of the positions and also sign it appropriately and also line up the rods well for perfect fittings. Even a mild misalignment may result in crooked placements and also flaws.

Extra-long window curtain poles require additional bracket assistance as a result of the bundled dimension as well as the bodyweight of the rod and the bodyweight of the drapes. Our experts highly recommend including a facility help brace every 30 inches around your curtain pole.

How to Reinforce Extra Long Curtain Rods.

Sagging drape rods are not a good appeal. The good news is, along with a handful of additional components as well as a little effort, you may enhance your sagging curtain rod and avoid more damage.

Listed here are a couple of pointers for bolstering extra-long curtain poles:

  • Usage sturdy material for your window curtain rod, especially if you’re dangling various panels or even drapes.
  • If you have traditional curtain pole brackets, try incorporating drywall support for reinforcement.
  • If you have plaster wall structures, think about utilizing longer screws that don’t befall.
  • Ensure you’re making use of adequate facility support brackets.
  • Make the button to no-drill window curtain rod braces. Considering that the braces connect to your home window slick, you will not need to fret about screws, nails, or supports ever before again.

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